Showcasing the best of New Zealand business

The Deloitte Top 200 Awards are held annually to recognise and celebrate outstanding individual and management team performances among New Zealand’s largest companies and trading organisations.

Now in its 33rd year, the Deloitte Top 200 Awards are well established as the pre-eminent platform for showcasing the best of New Zealand business. The awards recognise the depth and range of our business community, featuring the industries and sectors that underpin New Zealand’s success.

Deloitte Top 200 Indices

The foundation of the Deloitte Top 200 awards programme are the Top 200 indices, a set of three indices comprised of companies from across the New Zealand business community.

To pull together the Top 200 indices, annual reports and/or audited financial statements are sourced from a range of New Zealand businesses who meet the criteria for each of the indices. The most recent Top 200 indices can be found from page 29 of the Dynamic Business publication.

Deloitte Top 200

This index comprises of some of New Zealand’s largest companies ranked by revenue. 

Deloitte Top 30 Financial Institutions Index

This index covers New Zealand’s banks, finance and insurance companies ranked by asset base.

Deloitte Top 10 Maori Business Index

This index consists of some of New Zealand’s largest Maori entities ranked by asset base.

Award categories

Companies, and individuals from those companies, who place on the Top 200 indices are considered for the Top 200 award categories by independent judging panels comprised of representatives from the New Zealand business community.

The Deloitte Top 200 programme culminates with a black-tie awards show and gala dinner in late November / early December where the achievements of award finalists and winners are recognised.